Brokerage Management
Strategy Guide

Brokerage Strategy Guide

Be Intentional for All Your Investment Needs

Our Brokerage Strategy Guide is to help guide clients into the portfolio management strategy that best suits their respective brokerage investment accounts.

Please understand that this guide is not the end-all for your investment making decision, however, it facilitates a conversation, presents additional resources for each strategy, and helps guide you in the options based on your answers to the questions.

To begin, answer the following questions with your individual investment account in mind. You should likely run this separately for each investment account.

1. What is the value of this investable account?

$10k - $25k
$25k - $50k
$50k - $100k

2. What portfolio does this account represent for your investable assets?


3. What is your investment time-frame for this account?

Less than 5 years
5 Years or more

4. Are you interested in Biblical Responsible Investing?


5. Rank the types of securities by your level of comfortability on a scale of 1 thru 4. (1 = most comfortable, 4 = least comfortable).

Mutual Funds
Individual Bonds
Individual Equities

6. Is minimizing capital gains more of a concern than the performance of this investment account (for qualified/retirement accounts, the answer would be ‘No’)?


7. Will this account be utilized as a source of income immediately (less than 3 years)?


Best Interest

We operate in the best interst of the client, always putting you and your investment objectives first.


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Client First

We intend to recruit and retain Advisers committed to placing the needs of their clients before their commission needs.


Our key strengths include our commitment to being a firm of integrity regardless of circumstances, our commitment to helping our advisers serve their clients in the manner we would like to be served if we were in their circumstances, and our commitment to placing our mission of helping people achieve their goals and objectives before the commission earned by our Advisers.

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