Investor Profile Results

Creative Financial Designs offers five investment portfolio objectives to help you reach your investing goals based on your risk tolerance, time horizon and investment goals. Shown here is the model per your results and an example of the general allocation breakdown. The allocation breakdown will change as the firm’s investment committee sees fit and as economic conditions change. The firm’s management team will build your portfolio based on the appropriate breakdown after researching the available investment choices and economic conditions.

Conservative Portfolio

The conservative portfolio investor is particularly sensitive to short-term losses, but still has the goal of beating the expected inflation rate over the long run. The conservative portfolio should have an expected return that out-paces inflation over a 20-year holding period. There could be growth in the real value of assets over the long run, while minimizing risk.

An ideal client might be someone...

— concerned about the volatility of the market —
— wants to invest, but is concerned about market conditions —
— concerned about economic conditions or events —
— wanting to have savings keep up with inflation —
— with a short-term investment goal —
— not concerned with the growth of their assets —

16 or less
17 to 22
Moderately Conservative
23 to 28
29 to 34
Moderately Aggressive
35 or more


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Investment Objective

Risk Level

Age as a Variable

Investment Horizon

Depletion Timeline

Income Requirements

Cash and Investments on Hand

Future Income

Model Portfolios
Portfolios are allocated pursuant to models determined by Creative Financial Designs, Inc., (Designs) which is solely responsible for the content of each model, and the selection of specific investments within the confines of each asset class and model. Designs has discretion to change the model at any time, and will make changes to the model based on current or anticipated market conditions, as deemed appropriate. Any references to percentages of assets in a model portfolio are subject to the discretion of the management team, and are subject to change at any time, without notice.